08 March 2011


So, I haven't updated in awhile. That's somewhat because Chucklebutt keeps me running around saying the same three things 80% of the day ("That's garbage! Yuck! Don't touch!", "That's the recycling! You can play with that!", and "Gentle pets, be gentle"... with a healthy dose of "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"... in case you're interested).

It's also because I just got away from it. I've been working hard for awhile now to not spend so much time on a computer. (Thank goodness for the Gmail and Facebook Android apps. :) ) I don't think it's really healthy, and it takes away from my time with Monkey (and B). He's SO big and so LITTLE all at the same time. The realization got hammered home even more when I held a five-month-old over the weekend. Babies go through such rapid changes and if we're lucky, we notice half of them on days when we aren't too sleep-deprived or self-absorbed. Becoming a person is hard work.

I've read that when you're talking to a toddler, take whatever you think they'll understand and double it. At Cam's age, they pretty much understand most every simple sentence you say. (Mind. Boggling.) I can believe it.

B mentioned over the weekend (because he spent a LOT of time on Daddy Duty) how he's noticed the change that I've seen in Cam over the past week. He's more... aware, if that's the right word. You can see him thinking, putting the pieces together, and wanting to share with other people. It's very, very cool.

Like right before he signed "again" for the first time the other night. His face clouded for a few seconds, then he looked me in the eyes and smiled, jabbing his fist into his other palm. It took me a second, but then I said, "'Again'! You want to play with it AGAIN!" His grin was huge. HUGE.

 Running around before Katie & Mike's wedding.
12 Feb 2011

 I've also been wanting to explain some things. I have a (perhaps pathological) need to set an example. I'm painfully aware that most of my friends don't have kids yet. And I'm an opinionated person. *And* I have a serious case of xkcd 386, but also in real life. (That might be pathological, too.) :)

I want to explain why the heck I choose to parent the way I do, when bottle-feeding, stroller-ing and sleep-training seem so much more convenient. I'm going to break it up into a series of posts, to help me tease out my feelings and focus on one thing at a time. And without trying to be rant-y and defensive... I'll probably end up there, and I'm sorry. I'm working on being more laissez-faire with regard to parenting philosophies, but
habit energy lingers like a hard boiled egg fart.