31 October 2010

The Glamorous Life of Mom.

Note: I meant to post this about a week ago, but.... didn't happen. I'll try to update more in the next day or so.

So I thought I'd do an update on the whole EC/potty-training/a desperate bid to not scrape poo off Cam's butt 34543 times a week thing.

It's going alright. :) We got a little side-tracked last week, but the great thing about EC is the fluidity of it all. (Okay, bad writer. I didn't get that until I added the period. Sigh)

My big old 1-year-old(!!!) can now point to things and say "uhhh". (This is especially fun when he points at the kitchen island with 97423 items he could potentially want. Usually it's a banana. Sometimes it's a whackable chocolate orange.) He has not put 2 & 2 together and realized he can signal to go to the potty. Yet. YET.

The good news is that he goes potty now when we're out & about. We went out to dinner about 3 weeks ago with one of B's co-workers, and Cam started getting a little PO'ed. When I checked his diaper, he was dry. Put him back in the highchair, started giving him Cheerios again. He got a little more PO'ed. So I took him to the bathroom, plopped him on the edge of the sink, and ran the tap. 2 seconds later, he's going in the sink. A lot. Poor kid had to hold it while his momma connected the dots.

But man, was my Cheshire grin big when we walked out of there. Related PSA: don't drink out of public sinks.

Additionally, when we went to Epcot two weekends ago, he peed on the potty/in the sink three (3!) times. He also peed in his diaper three times. (One of which I knew he had to go, but we were on "The Land" ride, so there wasn't much I could do about it. :( ) I think it helped a lot that we were wearing him for 3/4 of the day... generally speaking, babies don't like to soil themselves while being worn (thank. goodness.). Shout-out to Epcot for having an awesome (if slightly outdated) Baby Care Center.

We got a toddler insert for the regular toilet, and he uses that to poo. Apparently he needs a handle or something, because when he does, he demands that I squat and give him a hug while he poos. (Yeah, you needed to know that.) He has never pooped on the little Baby Bjorn potty... I think the poo might be too close to him in the bowl or something.

I've been using a combination of 50% timing (hey, he hasn't been in 2 hrs, let's try now) and 50% Cam cuing (he's grabbing his diaper/grunting). He goes more often in the morning (which is apparently very common), so after lunchtime it's all downhill from there.