27 August 2010

And a bunny rabbit covered in pastry.

Cue the twilight zone music.

My house is clean. Clean! Even the kitchen!

Something got under my skin yesterday and after getting up at 6am to get the bread dough going, I decided to vacuum. The. Entire. House.


If I just pick up the papers on the floor of in the office and unload the dish drainer, I could actually start painting the baseboards like I've been wanting. (They look like sh...ugar.)

Cam & I are meeting Brian at Lowe's today after he gets off of work, and picking up materials for my new clothesline(!). 'Bout darn time. We're also getting some garden supplies (neem oil -which supposedly gets rid of fire ants!, fish emulsion) and will hopefully repot the rosemary and the bougainvillea this weekend. And I'm planting some more veggies. Because really, buying zucchini from Publix grates a bit. (Okay, a lot.)

17 Aug 2010
This is the inside of that Moon & Stars watermelon we harvested a few weeks ago. ~8.5 lbs. So sweet! When's the last time you ate a watermelon with SEEDS? (Can't have a spitting contest without seeds!) We have four-five more growing right now... four of them trellised. :)

Recently, we had two events going on at our house: Medieval Night and the 2nd Biennial (Defying) Physics Party. Both were successes, in that we got to eat a lot of good food and hang out with awesome people. (And shoot diet cola REALLY high in the air. Never gets old.) Here are some pics:

 20 Aug 2010

The bunny. This is a rabbit, covered in pastry dough. It was delicious. We got the recipe from a medieval cookbook Brian got for Yule/Xmas. He baked up a nice golden brown... but sadly, his eyes fell out. But his head stayed on! (there's no actual rabbit head in there, just wanted to point out.)

20 Aug 2010

We ate by candlelight (after Cam went to bed). Also served: wine, beer bread, kale, and amazing sauteed mushrooms.

The Physics Party was disgustingly good. We had a variety of pimped-out snacks: a Cadbury egg the size of a dinner plate; a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup the size of a pie dish; a four-layer Portal cake; and, of course, a  Rice Krispie treat. Beer pongage also occurred, in addition to Pirates vs. Ninjas Munchkin.

21 Aug 2010

Why yes, that's a butter knife on top of the RKT... for scale.

I have gained two pounds. (Which I needed... so maybe biennial -> bi-annual? bi-monthly? ;) )

23 August 2010

Parenting? Hard? What?

Now that Chucklebutt is 10 months old, he's starting to do things like look at Mom/Dad, then casually lean over and try to rip out the electrical outlet plugs. Or headbutt people in the face. Or even better bite people... on the shoulder, the chin, or on the last remnants of the baby fat bits on my stomach (my personal fave).

It wasn't enough I had to birth this kid, now I have to parent him too? :) GAH.

Right now we're at the "Don't ___" and redirecting phase (ie, he bites my face, I say "don't bite" firmly, and redirect him to a teething ring he can bite to his little heart's content.) It's hard. I've been known to slip and just yell "OWNODON'TDOTHAT"... which accomplishes precisely nothing, as Cam stares at me thinking, "Hmm, interesting sounds."

Will it actually be easier when he can talk?

Words Cam knows: Mama, Dada, Cameron, Uncle David, Aunt D, nurse, bear, kittens, Gwen, ball, food, more, all done, don't, smoothie, banana, EDIT 8/24: wave, clap
Words Cam can say: Mama, Dada, na na (nurse)
Words Cam can sign: All done, more

Aunt D getting bitten. Not in a True Blood or Twilight or [insert hokey vampire reference here] kind of way.
18 Aug 2010

Fangs Mom!
20 Aug 2010

09 August 2010

More food pictures.

Exactly what the doctor ordered at 2am. I'm hungry now...

Raw spinach dip with basil and garlic. 
Totally threw a bunch of stuff into the food processor; it was magical. Luckily I wrote down the recipe... somewhere.

Smoked chicken. B's got skills.

Homemade hummus. (Not to be confused with humus.) Cam loves this stuff.

Honey Bee Ale! My first time brewing by myself.
And I'm hugging it because I made too much ice to cool the wort... it needed to be warmer for the yeast. Oops. (And you thought I was a lush.)

EDIT 8/23:
Since I can't find the original "recipe" at the moment, here's my attempt at remembering it:
  • ~6-8ish oz of spinach
  • ~6 fresh basil leaves (add more if you want more basil flavor)
  • ~2 raw garlic cloves (ditto)
  • 1 pkg cream cheese (I used one thawed from the freezer. In a dip like this, the texture difference doesn't matter)
  • tad of olive oil
Throw garlic in food processor. Pulse for a few seconds, until flung into little bits around the bowl. Add spinach and basil. Drizzle (very lightly) with the olive oil. Process into a green paste. Add cream cheese. Blend the heck out of it (as there is heck in it). Enjoy! If I find what I originally wrote down (and it differs from this), I'll modify this recipe.