29 July 2010

Coupons and the Pursuit of Happiness

I've written previously about taking up couponing as a hobby. However, I've been doing some reassessment. Of life in general. As Marty McFly would say - "Heavy." ;)

What brought this on? Reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver; watching An Inconvenient Truth (I know, I'm five million years behind) and Sweet Misery, a documentary about the story behind aspartame; realizing for the fiftieth time that all of our sh...tuff has a crapload of chemicals in it, but finally doing something about it. Something more than just buying organic apples to keep the doctor at bay.

So what am I doing, exactly? I'm not entirely sure myself. I'm going to be making a lot more of my own personal and household products. I'm going to be buying 100% recycled paper towels and toilet paper. I'm going to be eating more local food (look out, farm down the road). And I'm thinking about getting another chest freezer and buying grass-fed beef (in bulk... 'cause it comes off a cow. Which is huge!). And hopefully we can enlarge the garden soon. Like next month soon, because late Aug - September is the time to plant here. (I'm a Floridian and still can barely wrap my head around that.)

So... back to couponing. I knew when I first got started that most coupons are for processed products, so I haven't been able to get the super-super-cheap deals (because I won't eat them). I think/hope I've relaxed to the point of keeping my eye out for them, but not going out of my way every week to make sure there's no potentially free (junk) shtuff somewhere. And since farms don't take coupons... lol.

Checking out Phoebe's "fuurrniture"
24 July 2010

Just some thoughts on living life to the fullest. :) Cam is still working on those four teeth up top, and fighting a runny nose & slight cough right now. I made a totally awesome, off-the-cuff (raw) spinach garlic dip two nights ago, and have been eating it and feeding a bit to him as well. His nose is better today, so... we'll see I guess. My throat, however, is kinda scratchy at the moment. I made a green smoothie this morning for our breakfasts, but Cam just threw it up. :(

16 July 2010

The post where I use CAPS a lot.

So, a lot has been happening at Casa de C's.

Nana & Gramps came & went off on their month-long sojourn to Europe (sigh). Brett's staying here for the duration - he's been a lot of help, actually. I just feel bad "ignoring" him during Cam's nap... which is when I usually write blog posts. (Hence the lack of them recently.) We blew insulation into the attic with no casualties (YAY). I got some sewing done (GASP). And here's another sentence with something in parenthesis and caps (CAPS).

Update on the Ergo situation: I'm okay with it. I don't love it, probably because I am short and short-waisted. I can't quite make it small enough. I would never use it to carry Cam in front of me, but it's okay for carrying him on my back. The first time I used it, I was petrified he was going to lean back and fall out. Since then, I've used it three times. The Moby and I are still [likethis]. Brian likes the Ergo better, though. Which was the original intent when purchasing it, so... ha!

And now for a cute baby pic:

12 July 2010

He was not so happy this evening; he's cutting three (3!) teeth along the top. Not. Much. Fun. Try yelling for an hour, refusing to nurse, and passing out from exhaustion on Mom's shoulder. All while I try and keep my sh...tuff together, because I can't do anything for him. :-( Parenthood really teaches you patience.

And now for some other pics, to make up for the lack of pics in the last few post-lacking weeks:
 Come to Mama...
14 July 2010

MOON & STARS WATERMELON! Words cannot express my excitement. I've wanted to grow this since I was like 9. Or 12. And obviously, a huge nerd. There are two plants, and they're kind of taking over the garden right now... which is fine, since nothing much else can stand the heat. I pulled up half our basil tonight and we made pesto ... to last us the next year or so. Did I mention it was only half?

A lazy afternoon...
15 July 2010

I found some scrumptious-looking organic strawberries at my local Publix. Can you guess what's going to happen? <3<3<3 Nothing like cutting up some strawberries with a glass of tea (and a glass straw - AWESOME!) on a hot summer afternoon.
I love my Publix, but dang are they chintzy with the organic produce. So I was exceedingly delighted to find 3 perfect packages of these babies... and bought them all. They're destined for green smoothies. We're hoping to go to a local farm on Sunday to get some kale and raw, grass-fed milk! My stomach is already grumbling. However, that could be the lack of munchies to go along with my beer. :-D Now for some reading and then off to bed!

02 July 2010


So, we just got one of these.

Why? Because A) I can't carry Cam in the Moby on my back until he's coordinated/old enough to hang on while I wrap it, and B) Brian is intimidated by a long piece of fabric. Guess I'll have to hide his Yule presents in my sewing room. :)

I might not post next week because we're putting more insulation up in the attic. Those $190 light bills ain't going to solve themselves.... On the plus side, Brett will be here to help. And my mom can watch Cam. And my dad can... be Gramps. :) Yay for family time! In the meantime, enjoy:

26 June 2010