27 June 2010

Happy One Year Blog-a-versary!

I have officially been blogging for one year as of two days ago! Oversharing in the blogosphere since 2-0-0-9!

I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. (all taken 25 June 2010)

23 June 2010

To poke or not to poke.

Possibly the only kids' topics I've heard more debate about are sleep-training and discipline. Oh wait, no. Most hotly debated. Hands-down.

Nearly everyone has an opinion on vaccines - that they're [a] god's gift to mankind, that you're a bad parent if you choose not to vaccinate, that they directly cause autism and OMG-other-diseases... and other, wildly divergent views. (I could list hundreds of links to sites to support pretty much any opinion, but I feel that that's pointless unhelpful when Google is just a click away.)

So many people make blanket statements about this topic as well... and I can't agree with any of them. Like most things, I think the truth is in the middle.

Do I want to put my baby at risk? Certainly not. For anything. Ever. (For any reason...)

Is it possible to never put your baby at risk for anything? Uh... no.

For me, it boils down to:
  • there not being a lot of really good, LONG-TERM data about vaccines with regard to allergies, neurological disorders, and cancer* in particular
and more importantly,
  • With vaccines, there's an tiny possibility of a serious reaction (although potentially more for Cam, because Brian's had one). Without vaccines, there's a tiny possibility of contracting one of those diseases, and IF he contracts one, a tiny possibility of a serious side effect. 
So I feel that either way, we all run a risk.

I've done a lot of research and still can't say I'm 100% confident in my decision. Ultimately, I think we've decided to put off Cam's vaccines for now. That doesn't mean we won't vaccinate him when he's older.

*Hmmm, yeah. Cancer. We inject our pets every year with at least a rabies vaccine. The pet cancer rate stands at 50%. There's something going on there.

22 June 2010

Those boots were made for walking...

Things we've been up to:

* testing out swim diapers. No reliable data yet, because he hasn't pooped in them. Filling up the big tub is fun, though...
* suddenly creating HUGE PUDDLES when he wakes up from a nap. I have to put two inserts (usually 1 cloth, 1 disposable) in anytime he goes to sleep. Because of this, he could probably get hit with a baseball bat between the legs and not really feel it. (lol)
* teaching Uncle Brett how to change diapers and babysit... which he actually ain't all that bad at. He makes Cam laugh. Of course, $$ is a big motivator for a 15-yr-old.
* BABBLING like there's no tomorrow. Mamamama, Dadadada, Naynay, Bababa, Pa (not sure if there's any meaning associated with those last few).
* learning that prunes & oatmeal is quite possibly the nastiest thing to clean up, ever. And squash. EWW squash.

 Nana got John Deere boots in SC!
17 June 2010

13 June 2010


Yes, I've been playing around with new design templates and headers for the ol' blogstead. You're still in the right place. (Theoretically.) This is apparently what I do on Satuday night around midnight instead of realizing all that yawning means I need to get my butt in bed so I can semi-function when I get to see ALL the in-laws tomorrow. (and I mean all)

* Cam is now free with his high-fives. (He previously restricted them only to "Katie"s.) Aunt Kim is very proud.
* He has pulled himself up so that he's sitting on his knees, using the side of his crib.
* He is vocalizing way more, I think. It might also be because Uncle Brett's around, too... and he likes Crazy Uncle Brett. :-D Especially Magnum Socks, à la Brett. (HUGE GIGGLES!!!)

Mom, put down the camera & play with meee!
11 June 2010

06 June 2010

What I Choose to *ahem* Do.

My house is a(n organized?) wreck.

Since moving in last year (while pregnant, which I do not recommend under any circumstances to anyone, ever), I haven't exactly made housework a priority. While part of me would like the floors mopped every week, the bathrooms scrubbed, and the kitchen spotless every single second of every day... I'm one person cleaning up after three people. And taking care of an almost-8-month-old.

There's not enough time in the day. Between Cam, eating, basic personal hygiene (hairbrush optional), food, going to the bathroom, and making sure there are clean diapers... I have about 30 minutes of totally free time a day before passing out in an exhausted puddle. Do I want to twitch and nitpick about hard water stains on the bathroom faucet?

Uh.... no. Surprise.

So while I'll make sure the guest room's sheets and towels are clean when people come visit, I'd much rather try and keep my relationship functional, if not happy. So I can either do the dishes, or my husband. Hmmm.... maybe that's what got us into this mess in the first place.

This mess! :)
1 June 2010