29 May 2010

Taking inventory:

Locking clips: -1 (forgot to get it out of the rental car *SHAKES FIST*)
Flying Saucer Pub coasters for the beer cave wall: +3
Bottles that we can use to bottle homebrew: +2
Disposable diapers: -55
Clean laundry:  -45676543
Dirty laundry: +45676543
Sanity: -2

Experience: +1 frillion

Beware the dangers of condensates...
21 May 2010

25 May 2010

The "method" post.

I feel like getting T-shirts that say "We survived Texas."

Cam was amazing nearly the entire time. You'd think he had frequent flier miles. We got so many compliments on how "well-behaved" he is. And at every one, I laughed a little. (Mostly to myself, but sometimes aloud. Okay, mostly aloud.)

Why? Because I don't feel like we're doing anything special to have such a happy kid. But then I look at what other parents do, and realize we're ... different.

I like to call our "method" laid-back* attachment parenting. When you read about AP initially, it sounds hip & groovy, but (like most things in life) some people take it to EXTREMES. (Hence the qualifier.)

Laid-back meaning:
  • We don't baby-wear constantly. Sometimes it's too damn hot. Sometimes he's too darn wiggly.
  • We don't only feed organic foods. (Can't find organic mangoes, lol)
  • I breastfeed because it's easy (not too mention cheap and better for him). 
  • We haven't vaccinated Monkey yet, but we're going to (when he's older).
  • We don't co-sleep (although sometimes I'll nap with him). 
  • If I need a shower, I'll change his diaper & put him in his crib. None of this "I can't put him down or he'll cry..." He'll be fine for 15 minutes. Hell, he might even nap.
  • We go with what's best for him and reasonably easiest for us.
Attachment parenting meaning:
  • We respond to him fairly quickly when he cries, and assess his needs. 
  • If he wants to eat twice in an hour, that's cool; babies have tiny stomachs. 
  • I'm thinking about bf'ing until he's 2... just in the morning & at night. We'll reevaluate the plan at a year.
  • We hold Cam a lot. We interact with him a lot. We play & read... a lot
  • We realize we're his parents and he can't entertain himself for hours (just yet) and that crying is his way of communicating a need right now.
Personally (and yes, I know everyone's not game for it, which is ok), I think having Cam naturally and getting in that skin-to-skin time right away helped considerably with the whole bonding process. Babies have a few hours after birth when they're in a special kind of alertness, and if they're drugged at all it's going to interfere with that. (Also, you get such a RUSH after delivery! I think it's a special bonding time for the mom, too.) I feel like Cam's so "well-behaved**" because we're well-bonded and he feels secure, knowing his needs will be met.

Oh yeah. And we're lucky... because every baby is different.

Snuggling in TX!
23 May 2010

*I was going to call it "lazy...", but then realized I'm too tired from parenting to call it lazy.
**Does this go back to the "children should be seen & not heard" saying? It just seems weird to me to call a baby well-behaved, when in essence you just mean "not loud".

16 May 2010

Sharper than a serpent's tooth!

Let me preface this by saying two things:
1) Cam's been "teething" on and off for awhile now. Since January. Drooling, gnawing, the whole nine yards.
2) It is physically impossible for a baby to bite his or her mother when properly latched.

Having said those two things:
Cam's cutting teeth! I was rubbing his gums today (that seems to feel good when they're bothering him), and the bottom two in front are coming in. Shouldn't be long now until he has actual teeth... and looks even cuter. :)

Cam bit me today. (He wasn't actively eating, just finishing up.) It was not the first time, but with those tooth nubs... let's just say it was not pretty.

I may have yelled "OW!" in his face. He may have cried. A lot.

I may still be sore.

But I will be darned if he continues with this land shark business. (And you thought Land Shark was just a beer.) I do not want to have to end breastfeeding early (...before we both want to).
I'm halfway through our lists for TX. We're bringing the playpen, stroller, and Cam's (old) car seat... in addition to everything else. I'm glad we're going through security at 4 or 5 in the morning both ways... 'cause I have a feeling it's going to take awhile.

Especially if they make us take off our shoes - I really don't want to ponder that one.

Outtake for Aunt D:

 Upset baby.
12 May 2010

10 May 2010

Never put off 'til tomorrow...

Things have been a little crazy around here recently. Family coming & going & coming ... (you get the idea). Friends popping in, tolerantly putting up with my fruitless quests for free photo DVDs (*shakes fist @ Target!*), and ultimately picking out a really cute new swimsuit for my post-baby body. FIL insisting on inviting himself over for lunch.
Realizing that my new nightguard has a huge crack and grooves in it because apparently I grind my teeth even worse than before. Stress much?

And now for more craziness: the Texas trip - a.k.a. Cameron's first plane ride.

While much is made of my ability to pack a car trunk, I'm finding it difficult to organize all of the stuff we need to bring with us. Why am I finding it hard? Because I haven't started my lists yet.

Yes, you read that right. Miss Let-Me-Plan-Everything-Months-In-Advance-By-Making-Fifty-Bazillion-Lists has yet to start a single one. Breathe. (In... out. In...)

Did I mention we're ten days away?

Happy Birthday, Aunt D!
2 May 2010

05 May 2010

Bad ideas.

For the record, this is what happens when your husband suggests giving your brother incentive to clean the shower in the form of writing embarrassing quotes in bathtub crayon on the walls... and when your brother decides it's a better idea to make up other quotes, write them up... and not clean the shower.

(thank you for cleaning my shower, D. :-D <3)