28 March 2010

A few days: past & future.

My brother has been staying with us the past few days, so things are a little... crazy and *more* male-centric than usual. The house reflects this (...ugh). My kitchen has taken a huge hit (4 bananas in a day? What the crap!). 

On the bright side, at least the weeding got done! Also: Cam is well on the path to crawling; he's drawing his legs up underneath him and scooting around a bit. Look out world...

Tangerine-ginger chicken with celery and asparagus. (Brian's creation.)
26 March 2010

Green baby.
28 March 2010

I've decided I'm going to try out a few things over the next couple of days: criticize less (I feel like I do this WAY too often), laugh more, and find something constructive to do when I'm getting mad/frustrated. 

Anyone have any ideas of what to do for that last one? I'm thinking three deep breaths.

23 March 2010

Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde.

No, this is not a post about the novella by Stevenson. You want book discussion, watch Oprah. I've forgotten that books other than kids' books & cookbooks exist.

For the past three nights, Cam has thrown a wrench into the lovely, quiet bedtime routine that's been going on now for weeks. Weeks. Instead of bath, nursing, Goodnight Moon, and bed - followed quickly by cute grunting noises and sleep - he's added a fifth step: yowling, ear-tugging crying. He's obviously tired. He wants to go to sleep. He knows how to get there. He's just... teething.

This has become the bane of my existence (for the moment). We have a routine for a reason: he goes to sleep, and I get some adult time to do whatever (although it usually involves our budget/taxes/planning out shopping trips & coupons here lately). Instead, I get five minutes into something that I specifically put off to do after he's down for the night and have to stop to go hold him. For 45 minutes. At this point, it's too late to go back to what I was previously doing, as it is my bedtime. (Except when I make masochistic late-night blog posts.)

I'm torn: I hate hate HATE to hear him cry (and the fact that he's crying), but I also hate getting interrupted. At this rate, my latest Shutterfly project will never get done! GAH!

And now, because you got through my whining the post my whining:

22 March 2010
Tickle-y, Mom... tickle-y.
22 March 2010

Addendum: And Gwen, if you don't stop peeing frickin' everywhere, I'm going to hurt 'choo!

16 March 2010

Zen and the Art of Parenthood.

Hmmmm. Take a look at this picture:

Here's ol' blue eyes...
16 March 2010

(cute, right?) Well, my kid doesn't have red hair. At least, right now he doesn't... he barely has any.

We sat outside on Sunday (and briefly yesterday afternoon) for about 30-45 minutes. I held Cam on my lap... we were just having fun shooting the breeze with "Aunt" Kim. It was such a gorgeous day with the breeze blowing and the sun shining. What am I getting at? Cam has his first sunburn.

Or as I wrote on his baby calendar, "sun-kissed noggin".

Which brings me back to the title of this post. I wasn't thinking. And I need to be more mindful of our surroundings and realize that even if I'm okay, he needs a hat - 'cause he's still bald for the most part!

05 March 2010

Feeding patterns of the wild newborn.

I just had to share this because I think it's hilarious. I was reading this UF IFAS Extension webpage about breastfeeding, where they describe several different types of feeding patterns exhibited by newborns. (Hehe, feeding patterns. Makes them sound like wild animals. Which they totally aren't. *COUGHyeahrightCOUGH*)

 Anyway, "your baby may be one of the following:"
  • The Barracuda, who gets down to business.
  • The Impatient One, who is so excited about breast feeding that he or she doesn't feed very well.
  • The Procrastinator, who doesn't seem to be interested in nursing until the milk comes in.
  • The Mouther, who plays with the nipple.
  • The Rester, who nurses a few minutes, takes a rest, and then nurses again.
New highchair!
24 Feb 2010

    Misguided conceit?

    I am insanely proud of myself for catching ALL of Cam's spit-up in my hand and without spilling a drop making it to the bathroom and disposing of it, all while juggling him.

    Is that bad?

    28 Feb 2010

    03 March 2010

    Banana-licking, and other giggles.

    Eye see you!
    2 March 2010
    We got up early today. (Ugh.) Cam sits in his highchair now while I eat breakfast; this morning, he was studying what I was eating very intently. So I thought I'd let him smell the banana I had just peeled. His eyes went wide... his mouth opened... and he started licking the tip of the darn thing. Like it was a popsicle. He then proceeded to fuss when I took it out of his mouth, so I let him lick it again.

    We were out the door at 10, and went to several places. Picked up a pitchfork and two compost buckets (2 two-gallon white pails) at Lowe's, price-checked flour at BJ's (yay, it's cheaper than Publix! We just opened our last 10 lb bag), and then got a bunch of stuff (some free!) at Target. Eerily enough, we got into the car at -precisely- the time we needed to to make my dentist appointment; we were even early! Shocking. 

    In other news, I think Cam's getting over his fear of strange (new) people; he gave some lady in Target a HUGE giggle today!!! She said it made her day. :)