27 February 2010

The last few days, in pictures.

Spinach & Cannellini bean dip - 25 Feb 2010
Cold kittehs nest oh-so-cutely.  26 Feb 2010

Stuffed cabbage leaves 26 Feb 2010

Brian & Cameron watch the homemade pizza bake!  27 Feb 2010

I'm hungry now....

Warning Label for Babies.

Caution: Not for the self-centered. (Self-centered in the traditional sense of the word; additionally meaning 'I'd like to eat/sleep/watch a movie/make a grocery list now/pretty much do anything other than feed the baby, change his diaper, or cart his lead butt around because he just wants to be held'.)

*** Will leave you feeling drained for weeks/months(/years) on end.
*** Will require you to replace or "upgrade" at least half of your wardrobe with clothes that are compatible with the following:  drop-everything boobie accessibility; wash, wash-and-wear, and then wash again on a sanitary cycle; and permanently 'upgraded' hips but temporary curve fluctuations.
*** Will cause you to simultaneously feel fulfilled/loved but at the same time resent your husband because he doesn't have to interrupt what he's doing every 30 seconds. Will lead to ADD and/or 'Mommy brain'.
*** Will cause you to bounce back-and-forth between 'omg why did we have a kid again' and 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm so glad we have a kid' resulting in massive neural net revolt.
*** Budget? What budget? No such thing.
*** Will cause you to devote a significant portion of brainpower to mommy radar ("Mom-dar"), resulting in you catapulting out of bed at 1am because you somehow knew in your sleep by the change in noise over the monitor that your kid's hat was over his face.

Dangerous to: a laid-back lifestyle, morning snoozes, and weekend or -day spontaneity!

26 February 2010 

24 February 2010

Buying teething toys is pointless.

...just thought everyone should know. No matter how many toys you buy them, their hands taste better and are readily accessible... not to mention easier to get in their mouths when they're in the 'gah, I beat myself in the face because I'm totally uncoordinated' phase. That's when they develop the preference... mitten them early!

23 February 2010
In other news, Cam's learned (or should I say, done it once so I'm telling everyone he's "learned") how to roll from his stomach back onto his back. Huzzah!

And yes, I am writing this at 5:30 in the morning. Why? Because At 4:30am, Monkey pooped. Loudly. 

And we'll leave it at that. 

21 February 2010

Better groceries for less $$.

Preface: I've been getting into coupons for the past six or so months. I've managed to cut our monthly grocery bill by about half*... and buying all organic produce (except for bananas), milk, and some processed foods.

It's like a disease. A good one (is there such a thing?), but a disease nonetheless. Last night I was up putting together my shopping list until midnight. True, I scored cheap cheese, baby wipes, cans of beans, jars of mushrooms, and better-than-free organic tomato sauce but... it's like housework.

No matter how many good deals you score, it never ends. Don't get me wrong - I like shopping. And I like saving money... even when it seems like the cashiers are P.O.ed at how much $$ you're saving (stores actually make more money when you use coupons than if you just bought everything outright... they should retrain some employees!).  It just seems like it all snowballs unless you keep a handle on it. I don't want to find myself buying diabetes monitors for $20 in a few months because it's *such* a good deal.

However, if they're free... there's always the donation pile. :)

*Full disclosure: this month I did spend the full budgeted amount (almost exactly - weird). But there's also 20+ cans of beans, 40+ cans organic tomatoes/tomato paste/tomato sauce, 16 jars of mushrooms (you get the idea) in our pantry. :) Yay for Publix's 'Viva Italia' sale!

Addendum: Pantry pics! (because everyone needs to know... and I'm bored. Mostly boredom.)
Will you come to our cereal party, Shruti? (Brian's fave BOGO + free organic milk? Sign me up.)
No, those aren't boxes scalped from BJ's, why do you ask...
The results from Publix's 'Viva Italia' sale are on the floor/in boxes on top of the juice. And yes, that's a two-tier flat of baby food; when organic is .25 a jar... you gotta anticipate there will be some days where you aren't going to make it from scratch.

16 February 2010

Rock-tastic interlude.

The thought occurred to me today that The Kinks' (although I'm more familiar with the Van Halen version) "You Really Got Me" applies to motherhood:

(Boy) you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doing.
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night.


14 February 2010

Old news (if it's news that I'm old).

I'm 26. I have a four-month-old son. A house (a mortgage). A garden. A husband.

Should I really feel this old?

I thought 40 was when people started to get all introspective and nostalgic and realize their kids don't stay kids forever. I feel sad knowing that (almost) every day is a day I'll miss at some point in the future. There are times where all I want to do is hug Cam because tomorrow he's going to be that much bigger and that much closer to being all grown up (whatever that means). Aren't I not supposed to know this yet? I think I might be jumping the gun a little bit.

However, Cam is probably changing more day-to-day now than he ever will again. Seriously. Every day, he tries to talk (well, babble) to us a little more... Today, he rolled over for the second AND third times EVER. I feel like he's putting the pieces together and it's decreasingly exponential from here on out (all downhill, yes. I can feel old & still be a cheesy nerd :) ).

And now, for making it through all that blather, here's a pic:

3 February 2010

01 February 2010

The Balmex Finger.

I have a theory. You can pick new moms out of the crowd several ways:

1 - that look. You know the one I'm talking about (and if you don't.... Hi!). We've got under-eye circles, but it's more than that. There's a glazed, I-haven't-had-a-good-solid-6-hours-of-sleep-in-weeks/months look in our eyes. You know, the feeling that actually makes us look forward to our dentist appointments because we can sit down for more than ten minutes.

2 - we're probably carting around our newly separable offshoot.

3 - what I like to call 'The Balmex Finger'. 
 No, this isn't some obscene gesture. After repeated diaper-changing (and hand-washing, and hand-washing again), our index fingers develop a nice white outline from smearing butt paste on our wee one's hiney. Unless we want to spend 15 minutes at the sink with a nail brush -at which point the wee one will probably need us again for something- we consign ourselves to the mommy version of 'ring around the finger'.

A bit gross, but it's clean. Right?