17 December 2009

Quote of the week.

"Why is it squishy?" -D
"It's a very wet nut." -Brian

16 December 2009


Cam's 11 pounds, 1 ounce as of Monday morning! At two months and one day, he's put on just shy of five pounds and added 2.5" since birth. SWEET! I knew my arm was coming out of its socket for a reason...

It has been a trying two days since then. While I dare not post details about this right now (on the off chance that Brian checks this before Monday), let's just say that when we replace the door to the beer cave I am taking an axe to it. Seriously. And burning the leftover shards.

I know of no other inanimate object that can make me angry enough to yell at Cam. (Sad but true.) Don't worry, it was fleeting and he is now secured in the Moby, snoozing away.

Can't wait to go to Gainesville next week! Even if I'll be shifted to the southbound side on my way up...

09 December 2009

Houston, we have sleep cycle.

Slept through the night! Six straight hours of glorious sleep... who knew it could feel THIS GOOD.

Of course, it would feel better if I didn't have a sore throat. Oh well.

Holiday cards are getting here today... which may or may not get a personal message on the back like last year, lol. I do want to get them mailed before St. Patrick's Day. Cam's photo thank you cards (free from Shutterfly via Delta Skymiles) got here yesterday. They're cute, but a little boring in my opinion; there weren't too many options to choose from. Hopefully those will get done this week, too!

Made cookies for the neighbors so far (new neighbors to our left, finally) - along with chocolate nut clusters (no jokes, please... ok yes - jokes!). Those get delivered as soon as the holiday cards get here.

Now to order Cam's Yule present - another Moby! For when he decides to "shower" the other one with affection... or just fluid.

08 December 2009

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

...the Cameron slept last night!


Now that that's out of the way, Cam went from 10 last night (actually, a little before) until 7 this morning between feedings. I did have to get up at 2:30 to change a diaper, but MAN was that good sleep in the interim! I even woke up before him... can't say that's ever happened before! (It's a good thing I did, too... had to do a little pumping before I could feed him - 7oz, no effort. (jeez!))

I think I smell another growth spurt coming on...