30 November 2009

The new Tim Tebow...

... might need an exorcist.

Mr. Dangles says Happy Thanksgiving to Cam (thanks to his dad).

After an eventful weekend (dinner with everyone everywhere!, seeing Granny, visiting Aunt Katie & her family, getting dolled up at the mall, dealing with cat fluids a frillion times, watching the Gators pummel the 'Noles), Cam woke up this morning, ate, and promptly projectile vomited. On me. In our bed. Apparently either there's some rule that projectile fluids out of one end require a reciprocal action from the other end within a week... or he's possessed.

I don't know which one I like more.

Addendum: He's smiling now! I got some big smiles (with eye contact) this morning for about 30 minutes. Then he filled his diaper and realized he was hungry, so... he's sleeping right now.

26 November 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day! We are going to Brian's mom's today to eat dinner with her, B's stepdad, and B's dad. (The draw of the Cameron is strong.) Friday we are going down to my parents' to eat dinner with them, Brett, Désirée, David, my grandma, and my grandpa.

Cam's 1st Thanksgiving will be full of travel, but most importantly - oodles of family!

20 November 2009

November daze...

A little blurry, but he's starting to get a personality. :)

Days are getting (marginally) chillier, especially in the morning. This becomes really apparent when you get up at 2am and have to strip off your pajama top.

We've had two nights now with ~6 hours of sleep straight. Last night, I was the one who woke up at 2am; Cam had a shart diaper and wanted to go back to sleep, but I kept him up to eat a bit. The 5am feeding fell by the wayside... so we slept (more-or-less... Brian gets up at 5:30 so I was awake then) until 7:30. Ate & then slept until 9:30! The cats were practically beating the door down, but I was so cock-eyed I couldn't get out of bed til then.

Today's agenda calls for making cat food (kinda behind on that, they're almost out!), prepping spanakopita for Turkey Day, and baking banana bread with the free bananas from BJ's. Oh yeah, and handling my new job in waste management.

Yesterday Cam slept for 2 hours in the Moby(!!) and then another hour after a feeding/diaper change interlude. Somehow I managed to seed three pomegranates, make a big pot of chicken stock, and then make acorn squash soup & biscuits. YUM! Brian got home, and gave Cam a bottle for the afternoon feeding. We had a nice sit-down dinner that was only briefly interrupted... then went upstairs, everyone got clean, and we went to sleep. Yes, we're old... headed upstairs at 8:30*.

*Not 8:30 AM.

11 November 2009

Back up our claims? Um... no.

I love that Disney, instead of backing up their claims that Baby Einstein DVDs are educational, are now explicitly stating that they offer cash refunds. Haha. Hahaha.

It's as if their thinking is, "Oh darn, they caught us. Shucks. Guess you'll be wanting your $$$ back. Yeah, we were just blowing smoke up your ... butt." (Hey, it's Disney - gotta keep it PG.)

In other news, Cam is making more eye contact, experimenting with new sounds (which sound more like a baby than a pterodactyl - YAY!), and has marginally more head control. Last night, he slept for SIX WHOLE HOURS... after the shock and the oh-my-god-is-he-dead feelings wore off, it was AWESOME! Hopefully it was not a one-time occurrence... he's got my expectations raised now.

Here he is, passed out in the Moby. This is the way I get things done in the middle of the day.

In other other good news, we got the hospital bill... which was less than we thought! Turns out we just had to pay the daily hospital co-pay instead of the three thousand I budgeted for. Cam's light box, all of his bilirubin tests, my million hours of taking up a labor/delivery/recovery room... all covered 100%! Score for not digging into savings as much as I thought!

I also might add, YAY for having health insurance... otherwise it would've been more than $11K. (...just to have a baby, no complications other than a few extra blood tests and a light box. WTF healthcare system... WTF.)

04 November 2009

What's my name again?

I was reading a local money-saving/coupon blog today, and stumbled (through the wonderful intricacies of the WWW) upon this post on another blog:


I laid out how I feel about names in general in a previous post. But I've got an opinion about the whole changing-names-upon-marriage thing, too (me?! an opinion?! As if!).

Bottom line: do what makes you (& your fiance(e)) happy. If that means taking your husband's (or wife's) last name, great. If it means not changing your name, great. If creating an entirely new name for just the two of you is what you want to do, great. (Sensing a pattern?) It's your name - do what you want with it and other people will adjust.

Why did I keep my 'maiden' name?

1 - It's who I am. Changing my name would be changing who I am. 
2 - I like it. It's hard to spell and even harder to pronounce, but I think it's pretty.
3 - I got really into genealogy for awhile and appreciate the family history that's there. Other than Brian himself, I don't really have any attachment to his last name.
4 - Too much paperwork.
5 - 'Nicole' + (Brian's last name) sounds too violent. I'm gonna coldcock you...

And Brian didn't care. Although if he had, we probably would have had more than one discussion about it. It would probably have centered around the idea 'I'll take yours if you take mine'. :)

I realize I'm in the minority - and that's okay. I don't get offended when people I don't know call me 'Mrs. [B's last name]'. I am a little weirded out when people who know I didn't take Brian's name address me/mail that way... makes me think I need to remind them, but I don't want to go on a feminist rant unnecessarily. (Best to save those for truly disturbing topics, lest people think I'm a nut. ;) )

I do wish people would stop addressing things to 'Mr. & Mrs. Brian (B's last name)'... because apparently women traditionally change both their names. Never quite understood that one... unless it has something to do with property issues. ::rolls eyes::

The biggest legitimate critique (to me, at least) is the whole kids/family issue - whose name do you give? You've got two obvious choices - go with Mom's or Dad's. You could hyphenate. You could create a new name. The decision that Brian & I ultimately came to was to let gender decide: boys would get his last name, girls mine.

Yes, this means we won't ever be able to order those cute-sy Xmas cards with 'The ___ Family' emblazoned under an adorable picture of us with our 2.5 kids. Oh darn... oh darn. I think it's more important to foster a sense of family regardless of everyone's last name(s).

So we'll list everyone's first names on the Xmas cards. I like writing anyway.