28 August 2009

Food is good. More food is better...

...except if you're part of a Monty Python sketch.

So today has been immensely productive. My back hasn't been totally killing me. Little man wasn't kicking the crap out of me this morning (although he started up after lunch). My feet have been relatively happy in memory foam slippers. I really hope this isn't the "nesting" thing they were talking about as a precursor to labor... or if it is, that it lasts about 5 more weeks. Yay for having energy.

Ergo, I've been able to get the following made and stored in the freezer: 12 quarts of beef stew; 4-ish quarts of chicken with forty cloves of garlic (made into a stew); 4 foil packet dinners of chicken, rice, tomatoes, & artichokes; 4 foil packets of sour cream & mushroom chicken and rice; and 32 meatballs (YUM). Still have cheesy tomato-basil chicken packets to make. This might feed us for a few days after the kid's born. Might.

I remembered to get some ingredients to make lasagna & ziti, but for some reason forgot the all-important tomato sauce at the store yesterday, so that's going to have to wait a few days. Chili and mac & cheese (with broccoli) are also on the agenda. Maybe banana nut bread if I can keep any bananas in the house for more than 2 days.

See universe? This is what happens when you allow me a good day! Do it more often! :)

Also made chocolate walnut oatmeal bars last night for Brian to take into work today. He also got a raise today. Coincidence? I think not... Perhaps I should bake more often. I wonder what would happen if I made the ├╝ber peanut butter crunchy brownies...

26 August 2009

Participial phrases, my favorite fragment.

Some adjectives/participial phrases for the past few days:

sluggish, achy, irritable, not wanting to think about how much I hate the medical rigamarole that goes into having a baby, getting PO'd tried to figure out whether I'm having a contraction or little man's just stretching (which distends the belly in *two* directions now), worried because I don't think I can tell the difference, enjoying the lack of crying around the house, attempting to not get swine flu even though there have been people in the area with it and my nose has been running

I think that covers it for now.

20 August 2009

Quick update.

Yesterday = horrendous backache, all day. Spent probably 2 1/2 hours in the tub (in two increments), which helped a little. (This kid is definitely growing...) Today = headache brewing.

The baby shower last Saturday = awesome. Totally worth missing my nap. ;) So many great people and so much good food! And I was freaking overwhelmed by the stuff people gave! We have to get a few little things, but the kid is basically set for now. Thank you cards are in the works. It was really nice to see everyone who could be there, and I'm glad the guys had a good time at laser tag (I know Brian was really looking forward to that). :) I hope the girls had a good time, too!

Random thoughts from yesterday/today:

* Kudos to Brian & me for instilling such UF pride in the kid, but he really needs to stop performing a full body chomp. Seriously. It's weird enough when I'm sitting down reading, but eating? C'mon kid, I'm trying to feed you.

* Every time I hear "Nicoderm," I think of elephants... "Pachyderm CQ. For your unhealthy addiction to thick-skinned hoofed mammals." This is the price you pay for having a mindlink, apparently. (Kim!)

* Someone in Publix (it's always Publix) asked me if I "knew what I was having" last night. I said puppies, although I must confess I did think about lying and saying it was a tumor. :)

03 August 2009

Where's Sean Connery when you need him?

Still growing ever bigger; we've past the point of being comfortable anywhere outside a large tub of fluid. I'm seriously considering yelling at the obstetrician tomorrow about the whole iron supplement thing. (My iron level at the last appointment was slightly - and I mean slightly - low, so I got prescribed a new prenatal vitamin (which has iron), plus iron supplements. I'm happy with the Flintstones, thanks... but I took a few of the sample iron pills, and they have kinked up my intestines within an inch of my neck. No more - just bring on the burgers!) I was doing fine where I was, being responsible about my diet/nutrition, thanks. So what if Moonpies played a role in my plan? (Yes, just kidding.)

The crib arrived today. I opened the box downstairs and carried it up to the nursery piece by piece... then decided to put it together by myself (to save Brian the trouble, of course). It took me about two hours, most of which was spent matching the frillion and five parts to the illustrations in the instructions and then interpreting what they actually meant. Had it all set up with sheets and bumpers when Brian got home, which was the goal. :)

I had another one of those "oh yeah, we're actually having a baby" moments while setting up said crib. It was weird, because we've been buying stuff (clothes, diapers, etc.) for a month and a half now, the room's been painted, I've BEEN getting kicked in the guts for the past three months... and it's finally really dawned on me in the last week or so that soon we will be responsible for creating a small child - oh yeah, and taking care of it. Maybe it's because I finished up July's budget...

Baby shower's coming up soon - I'm SO EXCITED to see everyone & have everyone over. :) There's still 2 rooms left to paint, but whatever. The garden'll probably have to wait until after the party, but it will get done this month, too.

So now it boils down to... The Wait for Mid-October.