26 June 2009

Sleep modification module... complete.

Um... yeah. I was up an hour ago. At 5:30. AM. BEFORE Brian.

And while eating breakfast with said husband, it could arguably have been said that I was "perky".

If you know anything about me, this is setting off alarm bells in your head right about now.

(WTF mate!)

25 June 2009

Head shots.

Yesterday, I was sitting in our reclining chair in the family room with my shirt pulled up, just watching my belly. I like to do that, since you can now see the abuse my internal organs are receiving.

Little boy is hammering on me pretty well - got his feet kicking my left side, arms/hands just under the belly button - when the right section of my belly suddenly begins to distend. (Yes, it looked really weird.)

So I put my hand on top of it and lo and behold - it was round! And hard! Then the kicking stopped and I was able to relax for a few seconds of peace.

And my first thought was, "This little turd is headbutting me!"

For the record, it was still pretty cool.